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Full Version: threatened by a credit card player again
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Hello Evil Grog,

This summer you banned me because of demonstration of strength, i wrote to your service and they never answered me. cause the whole summer i was farmed in two games by Ullite Flash 772.901.536 in order to me to leave the game. (https://prntscr.com/jyphso)  these are HATRED HARASSMENT attacks.  So the loss is the deleting of all of my vassals in Knight game and disappearing from the Top ranking sharer in Wargame not to be provoked.

Now these attacks ( for the same reasons) are back  cause Evil Grog let the possiblity for attacking through the Top Ranking sharers,. 

Moreover despite reports, nothing has changed, The question is " WILL YOU TAKE MEASURES AGAINST THREATENINGS THAT IN NORMAL LIFE COULD BE REPORTED IN JUSTICE? ( ex threatening of burning my box is  a true threatening!)

I want to know if you will make a true investigation and take measures against a credit card player accusing me of slandering .  
"Protection of all the players is the duty for a quiet and fun game."

Thanks for the answer
Thank you for the notice. I have forwarded the issue to our support.