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Full Version: [NEW TECH] Multiple Servers incoming!
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 as some of you have already noticed, Prehistoric Game, as the first of the Star Games, has received a stealth update that allows you to play on a second server.  With the release of Version 3.0 of the Backend, we have paved the way for a lot more flexibility within the games. This is currently in open testing. You need the most current App- Version (3.0.0+) to use this feature.

 As of now, you can use the "Lobby" Entry in the Menu of Prehistoric Game to start a new adventure on the Server "Uncharted Caves". This option will allow you to switch between the servers. This means you will keep your old account on the first server.

 Initially, we want users to be able to get a fresh start. Also, future changes to the games may be rolled out only to specific servers, due to technical or game design reasons. Finally, this opens up the possibility for different server settings and also event servers with only a limited life time.

 Please note that premium purchased is locked to the server it is bought on and not transferable to another server.

We have already received some very good feedback on this, and want to answer some common questions:

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Future game updates and features may change how the game works. As such, we don't want to disrupt the existing players progress, but give them the option to play on a new server. We are also experimenting with different speed/server settings, and some features that reduce cheating. This new feature will also allow us to open up "Test Servers" where you can preview new features before they are released to the game and give us feedback before these features go live.

Q: Will I lose my account?
A: No, you can use both servers at the same time without losing your account.

Q: Will there be servers with different settings?
A: Yes. The Settings are still being discussed, but there will be different types of servers once we complete testing.

Q: Why is the server the same as the old one?
A: First of all, we want to test the tech we built and focus on the actual feature. Changing the new server settings would introduce more situations that could affect this test.

Q: Will the old server be shut down?
A: There are no plans for shutting down servers with this tech.

Q: The Link in the menu doesn't work for me!
A1: Please make sure you are using the current App version (3.0.0) from the Play Store or iTunes. If you are using a different source (3rd party) to get the App, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL AND ONLY USE TRUSTED SOURCES!
A2: Please try clearing the App cache.

Q: Will this feature come to other Star Games?
A: Yes. We do not have a specific timeline for this, but the feature will be rolled out to all games once all the bugs are fixed.

Q: The App will always revert back to the first server when closed, I want it to stay on the new server per default.
A: There is a planned option to make this selectable in the future. Currently, as we are extending our tests, this is intentional.

For now, enjoy the new 'Uncharted Caves' Server!