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Full Version: Bug?
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Did this is a bug? 

I was attacked by a "kpuk!" player. It is written that he stole 0 thalers and reduced morale. In this case, the money I had was not in the bank, and their number did not decrease. Since the screenshot, this situation has been repeated twice.
Thanks for the notice that indeed does look strange. I've forwarded the issue to the developers. Smile


This time is different. the moral has decreased, the money has been stolen (I was not in the game for 7 hours - this is about 350kk thalers - I have less for the morning), but stubbornly writes - 0 thalers were stolen.

Smile Smile Smile
After I've read this post i put some Thaler out and didn't lost them after an attack. It was the first attack of that player.
I have zero income and couldn't notice this issue before.

And then I hope it works against farming accounts Smile