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Full Version: High Score chart - determining bug
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many players would like to know how is determined what High score chart you will be sent. I understand there must be some conderation of several last HS results but how many and it is calculated? I don't think I should be a confidental information.

I'm getting a litte bit crazy of it. For last 4 weeks I'm in 2nd HS and I usually take 2.-4. position with sufficient result to be in the middle of 1st HS. But I'm still in 2nd HS as well as many others players who reach better result than me. On the other hand there are players HS with repeating negative result who still stay in 1st HS or in 2nd HS.

I watch this issue for a long time. High Score Charts seem to be extremely frozen under strange determinig algorithm. It can't be possilbe to keep players (who have negative results since Xmas) still in 1st HS. For example: last HS there were a player Platoon Tigre with +1,5 billion and he won 2nd HS. He would have won the 1st HS also if he was in. But he is still in the 2nd and such cases happens regularly and repeatedly.

This bug IMHO causes uncertainty of players to spend uranium. It's definetely my case. I have still much uranium to spend but I don't do that becauce I don't know if it helps me to get to higher HS or not. Now I see that result of 1,5 billions or long term 500-700 mld. are not enough but repeatedly negative results are sufficient.