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Full Version: [Feature Request] Select all units
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Please add a select all units button/option.
At the current difficulty level there is no reason to leave any units behind.

Also i play with the strategy card "Reinforced borders" in combination with "Stealth mission"
I takes forever to send all units from all your countries to their destination.
Especially when you play a faster premium round under 12h, you use Reinforced borders sometimes 3 times in 20 minutes.

It is also very difficult to select all units via selection bar for Japan, Indonesia and Australia if you are on a smaller zoom factor (whole map for transporting via Stealth mission card) because my fingers reach the end of the screen before the scroll bar selects all units.
This will appear in the next patch when you are moving troops to a country with an active Stealth Mission. Hope this helps. Smile
Thanks, works fine!
Only thing i noticed the button is named "combat.moveall" (i am using german translation)
Woops! That feature was too fast for our translators I guess! Big Grin Will be fixed soon, thanks for the notice.