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Full Version: Players in duels list with serious mind trouble diseases
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Hello Evil Grog,

Thanks for the new updates that are supposed to make the players happy.

First of all, compulsives players that live in the duels list can't help to make the game playable and funny, i mean a game is supposed to be for leisure time not for harassment by certain players who have no life ( except in duels list) 

We could consider harassment as daily attacks 20x 0 without getting any dollars , a little remind a true WAR is getting looting not attacking in true life.
Moreover WAR is : dead soldiers, wounded soldiers, destroyed equipment ( bunkers, planes, vehicles...) and not production of dollars in a longtime, considered it's wartime and not gestion game.

will you continue to impose some players in duels list with child mind? In the measure as you modified these lists to get a difference of levels of 21+ obligation to meet the same players for months, between 00-50 members, up to 999 then the category 1000-10 000 where there is a majority of players.

So there are only attacks, no retreat, no cease-fire, in fact no ingredients for true war and not for feeding the strong excitements of a few players that you gave them daily exctasis for little things.

If it's a WAR game, why are the missions not well paid as a true war than a stupid click click duels attacks? the game is supposed to play for adults ( from 16 to adults).

So with the hole that is about to have between players in dollars income, no wonder that a lot of players will leave the game and will search for more active games .

Nevertheless thanks for getting back the project of Gameforge with great improvements and serious. and sorry for the direct style.