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Full Version: Developer Post for July 2019
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Welcome back again, this time to our Developer Post for July 2019.

Summer is hot here, but we're still doing our best to bring you some new features to the games and fix bugs that we've been hunting down.

Right from the start, let's talk about the "Spec Ops" feature. This new mission type is available in the Star Games after you reach level 100. In these missions, you fight an enemy whose skills match relative to your own for different rewards. Not only can you win currency, but also attribute points, experience and even premium currency or lottery rolls. But be careful, if your enemy proves too strong, you might lose some precious stuff or power. We're  still carefully monitor how this plays out and balance the rewards accordingly, but are currently happy with how the rewards play out.

Next up, multi-accounting. We have started to slowly increase the aggressiveness of our multi- accounting scripts that detect abuse of multiple accounts or "clone app" usage. We'll continue to straighten these parameters over the coming weeks. Please note that bans for multi- accounting are immediate and permanent.

Next stop: Bots. We will be increasing the regeneration rate of bots slightly in the near future for all servers.

Now, for our next (big) upcoming feature: Factions.

In the near future, you will be able to optionally join a faction in the game after reaching level 20. Once joining a faction, you can benefit from their bonuses by leveling the faction through completing faction assignments. You may leave a faction again after an appropriate time, if you so wish. But when staying, you can reap additional rewards throughout the faction seasons, after which the according highscores will be reset.

Here are some screenshots to have a first closer look:

For the start, the number of available factions will be fixed and not controllable by players. Depending on how this feature plays out, we may be adding the option to create your own factions in the future.

This feature will be released on Knight Game Server 2 coming with Version 4.0.0. We'll then monitor this for bugs before rolling it out for more servers.

Have fun,