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Full Version: Creation of an OBSERVATION FILES of all LEAGUES
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Hello EvIL GROG,

I would like to submit to you The idea of a creation of a listing of ALL of THE LEAGUES in a concern of improving the anti -cheating system that is very light according to the spectacular results of certain players in leagues.

I MEAN the files won't be used for attacking players but for informations to improve the useless reports of important cheaters.

Several players created accounts only for developping money and to attack them, that destablizes the game in an important measure and your services are not able to face it because of a lack evidences, probably.

the idea is that these hidden informations could be shown in a file as a measure of transparency against some regular abuses.

SOME PLAYERS PAID REAL MONEY FOR GETTING A SERVICE, not to satisfy the appetite of certain cheaters that kill the game with dirty behaviour.

Moreover you compelled in the duel lists players of a difference of 23 LEVELS with a large  difference of  members order, QUESTION  why aren't concerned the players with  little  members orders ( as we know most of them develop suspicious money)

To conclude with another suggestion : players with childish mentality that attack for 5x 0 , why don't you regulate it instead of adding won duels for the realisation? Some players really abuse of it and it's not for the silver except for the superiority complex! a game like Imperia on Line created a limited access to the attacks on the same players and it regulated well their game and the interest of the game.

only to say, players are more sensitive to the respect of the rules than informatics development without a strong investigation system.

thanks for reading and acting