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Full Version: S.O.S, No OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION from Evil Grog
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Good evening Evil Grog  Smile 

your company has not been issuing press releases for customers for several months.

In addition, technical support no longer responds to customers who have problems with the "google cloud" (loss of their accounts after changing or having  a  loss of  mobile phone)

When banning, it is mentioned to contact technical support for more information but this support remains silent.

For instance, concerning your rules, there is no question of the " manifestation of the strength " , so how could a player be banned for this reason ? the offense is not mentioned in your rules. 

Conversely, the player <redacted by support>, suspected of being an inveterate cheater, is not worried despite having been banned definitively for multiple accounts. to our amazement, he reappeared after several weeks and continues his suspicious activity (but for you, he is a successful player but not for the majority of players )

To conclude , we would like to know what is the future strategies of your Society  about the further updates  in " knight game" ( Level 310 for instance ...) and the relationship with customers and your different services?

Best greetings  Angel