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Full Version: Racism and serious offenses
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Involved in the game of vampires Αɳiмօ βαՏтαгძΩ and Black Luzifer. 
Black Luzifer wrote:
No Italy???????in summer..Yes Kroatien.?yes Austria?yes ??
Black Luzifer wrote:
Hey ?fresser? Itaker..Corona Dead Italy???

He wrote it in the vampire game, it's on my wall. He wrote this, without my having said to him, nothing, nor did I answer him. I think it is obvious that in addition to being racism, it is an offense for all those who have died and families destroyed by the virus.  Do you allow or act? Thanks.

The ?  They are emoticons that he has not transcribed.
The guy is really smart, instead of stopping I see him continuing on his wall
[attachment=169] Just 3 days, for all he said? It's a joke? oo'
I point out that he still insists... 3 days are useless.
Is this alsoby Black Luzifer allowed now??