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Full Version: Command Points!
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Maybe Im missing something.  I played awhole game yesterday and destroyed thevworld, and +1CP never cost me more than 500$.  Then I started a game, took all of Asia, weng to bed, went to work come home , and +1CP now costs 10500$.  Not sure what factors control cost of CP, but I know the pace of earning CP never changes, which is also imbalanced.  At this rate, it will take me either 3 hours to earn the 9CP it takes to attack the next cou try, or 27 hours to earn enough cash to buy it.  Theres still some 30 countries to attack, not sure I guess buying CP costs more and more, it could take thousands of hours to capture the world at these prices.  Anyone else seeing thiss behavior?  I didnt see it yesterday because i paid to buy gold then bought CP and conquered the world in a few hours.  Leaving the game for somemhours is extremely ex0ensive and likely impossible to continue.
You get CP for 500 the first 9 hours i think. Then they start to get more and  more expensive. You have to build more economic buildings to earn more money. In some rounds i had to pay more than 50k money for 1 point. That was around 1 extra point per hour. But if you keep building economic buildings and use your submarine (there is also a strategic card that increases the chance to find CP) you will beat the game in 2-4 days. 
It also helps to conquer the countries with 1 extra CP per day as fast as possible. 24 hours after conquering there will be a little CP symbol on the map that you can collect by clicking.
The cost for command points is a multiple of your income with a minimum value of 500. Smile
(07-06-2017, 07:49 AM)Santorayo Wrote: [ -> ]The cost for command points is a multiple of your income with a minimum value of 500. Smile

So i tested this, this seems not to be true.
I got 900$/h and 1 cp for 23.500, a week ago i hat the same $/h but a way lower price
Ooops my bad... it actually depends on how long the game is running plus some other factors.  Blush