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Good Evening EVIL GROG   Cool

Seems that the investigation service is still present for a couple of weeks.

Nevertheless, our astonishment was big when we have heard about a ban  on a  popular player for ADMINTOOL/USERMSG/CUSTOM, maybe for regular reports on bad players , we suppose so and you will say " we can't dicsuss account related iinformation in the forum " RIGHT

But where is support@evilgrog.com?  A majority of players asked for a question and NO RESPONSE  about your official society.

In the meanwhile, a majority of players reported some players for insults on the Broadcast and  insults on private messages , seems that the investigation service is fed up with this topics, A RESPECTFUL COMMERCIAL SOCIETY NEEDS TO TAKE IN CONSIDERATION THIS PARTICULAR POINT  but seems it's so difficult.

Moreover , we noticed in TOP LEAGUE , for instance 2 suspicious players but you will say " they are successful " :

Player 1 : ARN level 274, order 1076 , code 758.619.460 flag RUSSIA, this player has been accused by players of different countries ( Germany, Spain, France, Italy...) of attacking without a door ( no league, no order, no lost message, no duels list ) Either the players are liars according to your SILENCE, or the investigation service has problems to observe an easy situation!

Player 2 : DOMESTICA level 263/1866 code 158.353.098 flag GERMANY, 2nd account Domesticus  level 230/589 code  623.393.401 flag GERMANY.
This player came lately in the game and always made spectacular amount of money to stay definitely in the top league, despite the initial weapons that were poor!
ATTACKING ORDER TO HIDE THE DAILY AND EARLY TRANSFER OVER 100 BILLIONS should not be so difficult to inquire by your service about it? 

Apparently it seems easier for banning for reporting or  for light subjects than to react to essential  affairs like cheating and insults

IN THIS WAY, we are waiting for reactions on these topics. Players gave up the game for different reasons and this one of it. 


thanks for the eventual answer .