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Full Version: [Bug] Cthulhu Card
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I had to try it...Big Grin
And i think is it intended that it put itself out of your deck and replaces itself with another card after you played it once...BUT
it replaced itself with a card i had only 1 copy of and that was already in my deck.
Now i've got two of that in my deck in the selcetion menu is shown -1 for that card.
Is that also intended?
Ahh... good point. The War Room doesn't account for created cards. Same error will happen with the "Chain of Command" strategy I guess. Also congratulations for awakening the Old One.. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
Other things i noticed regarding this card:

- You get nothing for recycling it (strategic ressources)
- it seems to only get the enemies to war level catastrophic but not to nemesis (which would be helpful Tongue)
- it was there...just there. I did not know how i got it.
- if it generates a golden card, it is deleted after the round. Normal cards are not deleted
Well of course the Great Overlord won't give you anything for destroying him!! Big Grin
The part with no nemesis sounds like a bug, I will check that.
Well... it's not appearing randomly... I guess you missed the appearance of the Great Old One... what a pity.
And last but not least: it checks whether you have the generated cards actually in your collection on the start of new round. So if you didn't have the gold card or not enough of any cards it will remove the card form the deck. If you have enough the cards will stay but reduce the number of available cards of that type normally.
Ok thank you  Big Grin
Noticed that playing this card doesn't count for the "play a strategy card" mission