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Dear DEVELOPERS. Please remove the automatic deletion of comments after 4 weeks. Let them stay until the player removes them. Walk and find by the player's comment, and then attack him! - this is another great side of your wonderful game. It's very interesting to walk from one player to another, then another, and so on. When comments hang for years - it's just super. There is an interest to walk on the players comment and build roads to the players. And now the players are not afraid to leave comments knowing that they will disappear. There was no fear that the comment will hide or close and will walk to this player. As there was a lot of garbage because of this. SELECT AUTOMATIC REMOVING COMMENT. It's best to delete comments for URAN. It will bring you profit, and we will return an interesting story in the game. Many thanks
Hello and thanks for your feedback. Smile We had to implement this limitiation because of technical issues. But we will look into a better implementation for the future.