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Full Version: Game Rules
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As we have received multiple questions about this, we are posting the game rules and details here for your convenience and to ensure all players can enjoy War Game without harassment or being cheated on.

The Game Rules can be found in- game under "More..." -> "Rules" and are posted below.

Please keep in mind that the support team can decide to intervene if a players behavior disrupts the flow of the game, even if not explicitly stated in the rules by issuing a multitude of types of temporary and permanent bans. Apply common sense before interacting with other players. Multiple violations will lengthen the type and severity of bans and will be documented.

- Botting: the automation of game processes ('scripting' or 'botting') is forbidden and will be punished with a ban. Accessing this application via a browser is not permitted.

- Farming: 'farming' is the pre-discussed attacking and looting of another player. This behaviour is not permitted and is punishable with a ban.

- Multi-Accounting: playing with multiple devices at the same time is not permitted, if this is done in order to gain advantages within the game.

- Posting Rules: posting of content or links with racist, pornographic, or otherwise derogatory or commercial content will be punished with a ban.

- Spam: repeated and fast sending of messages is forbidden and will be punished with a ban.

- Bug Exploiting: if you use an error in the game to enable yourself an unfair advantage, this will be punished with a ban.

- Phishing: it is forbidden to pass yourself off as a Evil Grog Games employee or as an employee of one of its subsidiary companies. This rule breach will be punished with a ban.

- Report a Player: if a player breaks any of the rules, you can report them or their comment. Misuse of this function is punishable with a ban.