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Full Version: Changelog
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Version 2.0.5

Initial release of Knight Game for Android.
Version 2.0.6

- add Sliders to Tresury
- your own name will not be used for Bots any more
- prevent errors in the Game of Chance for Low Level Players
- fix tab-bar on Order-Screen

App 2.0.6:
- fix Back Button
- Health below minimum PVP Health will be colored red (requires some time or a cache delete)
- Bot Names are a little more random and change more often
- remove ally-requests from screen after accepting them

- move "accept" button to left side, so you don't accidentally spend premium when doing quests
- red color for Health only if you are under 24 health
- clancodes can be entered as numbers only (Example: 111222333)
- fixed the icons in the more free games category
We will make some changes to the leaderboard creation starting with the upcoming new season today. High-ranked players will not drop as fast in the scores as before when they have a weak season in-between. This should overall lead to a more even battle-field for all players. We will monitor how the changes affect the leaderboards and might make some tweaks in the future.

Let the battle begin! Big Grin

 We have updated Knight Game to version 2.2.0. We have made quite a set of changes in the hopes to improve the game further, including:

- Added a bad word filter when posting messages of any kind.
- Added the possibility to ignore players by putting them on (and removing them from) an ignore list.
- Full UTF8 Emoji support to make your messages look even fancier. (We like ASCII- Art, though!)
- Changed Global Flag to look a bit nicer.
- Added Scottish flag.
- Small Bugfixes and stability improvements.
- Multiple behind the scenes changes preparing for future updates.

When producer changes sistem fight with bots? When going new missions, new armor, new shields, better experience with fight

Knight Game is freshly updated to version 2.3.0.

- New Achievement system, including a new highscore.
- Ignoring / unignoring a player will bring you to the ignore screen instead of that players profile. This prevents ignore list abuse.
- Small bugfixes and Localization enhancements.
- A new system to prevent cheating via farming/pushing.

- Performance improvements of the home screen
- Bugfixes

- fixed the "Double Money from PvE Fights" Artefact, that is used in some games.
- fixed the home screen messages, where sometimes, the stolen money was not displayed correctly.
- fixed the map-change button reapearing when doing PvE with the map closed.