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Full Version: A player attacks through a browser
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Spanish player with nobody: Black 
Rang 84 
Size of alliance 374

Constantly attacks me. He is a play fair not. Because a road to me for him is not present. He is not present for me in leagues, alliance, I not in queries for him, and I not where I do not abandon comments. So that he придти did not could not as to me. Only through a browser. I wrote 2 complaints in a game but he so not забанен. I ask to understand this situation. Thanks in advance :-)
Rang: 58 
Alliance: 346
This player plays not through an appendix. He attacks me through a browser. This player is absent in my league, he is not present in my alliance, he is not present in the sheet of fights,, he does not have my query, and I do not write comments on stranger walls. I ask to take measure. Thank you ...
Yes... DIVILIX is definitely right!!

These two players are playing though browser. And there is one further more.

players Black, DNT Tony and Dante attacks from nowhere.
I have no commets left, no alliance request sent, no battles, no hight score, no in aliance... and they keep attacking for months...