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Full Version: A Guide to Bug Reports & Support Requests
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Before Posting

- Gather any information you can about the problem like when it appeared and what you were doing before that.
- If possible, take screenshots of the problem and any related messages.
- Restart the App and check if the Problem ist still there.
- Use the search function to see if your problem has already been discussed.

When creating a new thread

- Please use [support] or [bug] in the Thread title followed by a short description of your problem.
- Follow the template found in the second part of this post. The information requested there will help us identify and solve your problem quickly, even if it may seem unrelated to your problem.
- Describe your problem as detailed as possible, including the steps that lead to the problem.
- Attach any screenshots you took.
- Give any additional information that you think could be relevant.

Closed? / Archived?

Bugs and Support Requests will be closed after all relevant information has been aquired and the problem has been transfered to our internal task tracker. If possible we will inform you after the problem has been solved.

From time to time we will archive closed reports. These will be moved to a different section of the forum, so they can still be found with the search function.


Detailed problem description: *Break down what the problem is, when it happened and what would be the expected behavior. If possible describe what you were doing before the problem occurred.*
Steps to reproduce: *If you can reproduce the problem, please add a description how. This helps us find the problem faster.*

Device: *What device did you use when the error occurred? Be as precise as possible. Example: "htc one m9"*
Operating system: *Which OS Version does your device use? Example: "Android 6.0"*
Game Language: *In which language are you playing the game?*

Additional information: *Anything else you think might help us resolve the issue*

[Attachments: *Screenshots or any other related files*]
Hi, dear Evil grog games support, I have some connection problems.
One day ago,(08.11.2018) I think I got banned but from what? I want to ask this reason. I cant login my account.
I have an idea about who reported me but he/she said me you are farming. It isnt true. I hit him/her thats is true but that account isnt my farming account or any forbidden things. The account who reported me called *removed name* I know his/her account's info. Cause I disscussed together. So It isnt my account. I think I can hit him when Im online in the game. You know what? Because He is in my weekly league. I race with him. So i hit whenever i want. Where's the problem i really dont understand. 
Here's info about my account;
Name:Berkay Flag:Turkey Clan code:452.141.152 Clan members:Over 850+ 
I play this game over 3 hours in a day so I dont need to use cheat or farming. I play solo. I give my regards and waiting your helps. Thanks Evil Grog Games
We can't discuss account-related information on the forums. Please contact our support at support@evilgrog.com via email.
Hi Mihai,

Under my leagues and all leagues on the league navigation I see the option to select last 2 Seasons is missing? is this intentional?


Yes there is no seasons history in Vampires Game if I understand you correctly. Smile