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Full Version: Players violates rules - But are still playing
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In rules of game there is rule:
Farming: 'farming' is the pre-discussed attacking and looting of another player. This behaviour is not permitted and is punishable with a ban.

Many Spanish players is repeatly violating for a weeks, are still are not permanently banned yet!  What will you do about it?
I know that one german player was banned for this...

These Spannish players are breaking rules, and get an advantage and win Uranium over normally playing players, that respect rules.

My friends in game already contacted support, but nothing happen, no bans at all...  We want clear game and permanent bans on these cheating players! 

Cheating players are:
Gustavo, lvl 254 
Paco ñ, lvl 238
Enigma, lvl 235
**SOFIA**, lvl 222
Hadrel, lvl 230

Maybe we find others... 

Last proof here (screenshot date 30.04.2018):

[Image: yhTZapZ.jpg]

[Image: L3UTDdX.jpg]
Thank you for the notice. We will look into it and take appropriate action.