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Full Version: Idea about Bots
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I got one idea about bots.

When players with high levels build up defence buildings, there is problem with bots, that are strong like we are. 
In one moment we come to point, where we cant play bots anymore... :-(  And that is frustrating.

My opinion is that best solution for this is that bots will have maximum of 1/2 or 2/3 of each players defence building. This will give us sometimes loss with Bot, but in major it will be playable.

Please think about it.  Thanks for your time.

Have a nice day
Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue and will look into it for future updates.
"In one moment we come to point, where we cant play bots anymore... :-( And that is frustrating."

No, on the contrary it is great there is something that prevent players from total entrenchment. You can choose... you can play bots or you can play camp. You cant do both. It was the same in real wars after all. If there were an unconquerable castle than besiegers had to let defenders starve. If you dont want to starve, you have fight and if you want to fight, you have to open gate...

Imagine situation that you will have in battle list f.e. 20 totaly fortified players... now it ok because game is too young but after 2 years it will be real. That players will have no need to lower their defence (because they can play bots anyway) and YOU cant play futher. You will not be able to beat that players to get to bots. I would canceled defensive buildings at all and smothly rise defence point of units.

Sometimes I feel that many players mistakenly percieve this game like Trainstation or FarmVille or something where you only wait for money and build your virtual empire. However, this is multiplayer war game and I dont understand anybody who camp for ages to pleasure himself over being unbeatable and than he barks like chihuahua on others hiding behind walls. It happend in WG 1.0 after all.

I think that EvilGrog shoud improve the system of battles together with alliance. After reaching some level (f.e. above 250) you should not be able to have in alliance any players with the similar level or higher. Your battle list after level 250 should be full of real players and not of bots. Now it only race who can beat more bots and it must change. Bots must be there only in case there are no real players are ready for fight.

Uff... Smile
I do not agree with Elysium...
Will this be taken into account in next update? Just remove defence buildings on bots, or lower them about 50%. It will be perfect playable.
There are no chances planned for the next update but we are planning to make chances on this issue in the not too distant future. Smile
Yup, ELYSIUM was definitely right but he was right 1y before. Now I agree with UnitorDhakra.

I and surely even more players would appreciate if bots have defence up to f.e. 2/3 of defensive buildings. With this issue active players (with high defence and expensive army) would be enabled to attack bots but camping players (with high defence and no army) would stay without possibility to attack bots.
There will be many players with huge defence and although they want to prevent others to attack, they also want to keep playing.

And one little question. Is it possible to transfer uranium from the old server to the new one?
Transferring Uranium from one server to another is not possible, sorry. Smile