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Full Version: Visibility in Battle List
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Hello again,

I would like to know rules about visibility in Battle list. I found that there is level limit to see opponents in Battle list, and there is (or was) some influence of alliance size.
How works influence of my alliance size? What must be maximum difference in my and opponents alliance to see each other?

Please, tell me how it works with level visibility and alliance size at levels: 300, 285, 270, 265 and 250.

By the way, the effect of alliance size difference is great for better gameplay. It allows more strategy in the game. But it should be set to the limit of a possible - let's say, for top level players about 1.500-3.000 difference in alliance size.
And if the influence of the alliance was removed, it should be returned.

Thank you
anyone from Evil Grog team with answer?
Hello. Smile

The matchmaking will try to find players with similiar level and alliance size. We won't give specific numbers but the range widens if no players were found. At a certain amount the game will also start to generate bots so every player has somebody to fight against regardless of their level or alliance size.