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Full Version: bug in duel sheet
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(10-02-2018, 06:47 AM)kraken Wrote: [ -> ]hi.
to fully undersatand game rules , please give level margins fo different levels - 50, 100, 150, 200, 250.
how i anderstand - ally size have no matter? and in duel sheet you can meet oppjnent with any ally?
if yes - please write this in game description.
if no - please clarify ally margins.

That's right, need to be clarified, old knight game the difference of levels was 5 and to avoid someone in the duels list, only need to delete or to add 20 members.
For instance, meeting one player with higher level in advance on special items ( lions head, sunshields...) can't face it.
That's a reason that several players emptied their vassals and weapons and left the game
That's nothing that changed in the game. It's just that the game has fewer players and in order to find enough enemies the level ranges have to be widened. But we will discuss if we might change some rules for creating more bots to allow better match-ups.
the question was: please clarify level difference and ally margins.

please give the answer and люди к вам потянутся.
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