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Full Version: Suggestion: alliance identifiers next to player names
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Hi guys, is it possible to put some sort of an alliance identifier next to a players name? Basically, a symbol or color to show if a player is a member of my alliance, so I don't attack them. 

I can't attack bots due to the amount of defense towers I own, and checking/re-checking player names takes ages... Especially while deep in random comments.

Coding this seems trivial, assuming names are pulled with/from id, and one can piggyback on colored alliance number functions. The only downside to this, that I can see, would be an increased database load. Although if objects were cached, and record cleared with alliance deletion, it may not be too bad Smile 

What do you guys think?
Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a reasonable idea... we will check if this could become part of a future update. Smile