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Full Version: WPG 2017 - Out now!
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The game is released!

Go download it now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...og.wpg2017

Enjoy!  Big Grin
We are currently testing Version 1.25 for Release on Android. Expect it to show up on the Play store soon!

What's new in this release?

-Fixed a bug where you got to little cash for gold
-Switched army selection to left side of the country's army (User Feedback)
-Added strategic resource particle effect when conquering a country
-Preperations for localization
-Clearer communication for ad quests
We are currently preparing and testing version 1.26 for the Android store, featuring the following changes:

July 5th, 2017:
-German Translation
-Tutorial displays when the player is expected to tap to continue
-Move All option for countries with an active Stealth Mission (User Feedback)
-Updated Google Play Plugin
-Added another quest after the tutorial
-Countries start with 130 troops up from 100
The new version (1.29) is live now! Smile 

Here you can find the changes:
-Country names are now also localized
-Shop improvement and premium item descriptions (user feedback)
-Fixed issues with country score counting
-Improved notifications on the menu bar
-Countries now go to war when they are attacked
-Fixed a bug when starting a new campaign and using the sub
-Added placeholder images for daily quest slots
-Fixed a bug with campaign rewards
-Fixed a bug with income text in German translation
-Fixed a bug with developing countries, dense population countries

Enjoy!   Cool
And here comes version 1.30 ...

+ Fixed a bug with endless effects on countries
+ Polished some German translations
+ Polished english texts
+ Updated to newest Android SDK
+ Multiple performance improvements
+ Enabled screen rotation (User feedback)
+ Fix loading spinner (User feedback)

Have fun, and keep the feedback coming!
New version (1.33) is coming...

+ Fixed famous leader highscores
+ Further performance improvements
+ Fixed notification icons
+ New tutorial avatar
+ Faster loading
+ Big Sister and Pre-Emptive Strikes are now more effective
+ Minor fixes and improvements

Enjoy! Smile
Update 1.34 is being distributed on the Play Store:

-Reworked tutorial for deck building
-Added two more quests after the tutorial
-Fixed bug with duplicate cards in hand
-Updated to new Unity version
-Minor fixes and polishing

Update 1.35 is being distributed on the Play Store:
- Fixed Headquarter Screen. News and Leaderboard will now work again.
Update 1.36 will be available on the Play Store soon:
-Stuck card resource animations fixed
-Asynch command points and income events fixed
-Secret card mechanic fixed
-Minor fixes and polishing
Another update is live in the Play Store:
Introducing the new Zombie scenario with three completely new cards!
-Improvements for treasure hunting
-More stable event handling
-Tons of fixes and tweaks
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