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Full Version: Anticipation in assignments ( quests, missions)
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Good afternoon Evil Grog  Smile

    First of all thanks for the new updates in WG, ( to copy and paste all of the smileys, that's great !!!)

I would like to submit one idea  to the  "developers crew" , it concerns the possiblity to anticipate the next assignments ( quests) i mean to get the informations about the required weapons and members for one assignement .

You're conscious  that assignement is a big part of the game, and discovering a new assignment without being prepared, that's a weak point for players!!!

Will it be possible to improve it ?and  to observe the whole parts of the assignments there in a file or inside of the games of Evil Grog ?


PS: i found this web link for helping : http://ritterspiel.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html