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Full Version: [Resolved] Cheater.
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Hello, we are several to suspect the player "Almis" to cheat. 

Let me explain, his statistics "earned fights is totally inconsistent with his level and level of the greatest players (who currently is level 296 for about 600,000 won combat compared to Almis level 293 with 1,000,000 won."

 quickly calculate the attacks offer at least 3 experience points but we can also earn 4 or 5 experience points, so 1,000,000 x 3 = 3,000,000 experience points, the level 300 is equal to about 3,050,000 experience (Not counting the missions performed.) 

I conclude that this player is cheating.
You only get 3+ experience points when you do the attack. If someone else attacks you you only get 1-3 experience points. So it's possible that he is still below level 300. Smile
So he would have asked players to attack him? or he would have done double counting to attack his main account? which is forbidden in both cases, you should check its logs and accounts. Even if he has invested money in the game he must be punished there is no vip if you pay it would be offensive
It's also possible that he has just been attack very ferquenlty as everybody can see him on the highscore. But we will look into it and see if there is any suspicious behavior.
Thank you for your answers