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Full Version: Achievements - please dont link it to players profile
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Dear developers,

I like how you develop the game, but it has the other side of the coin.  Confused

We all try to play well, but few people have so much money to buy Uranium (or using some cheat?) that they will be the best forever (pay to win) .... And these overpowered players can attack you continuously (Kopps, XXXXX and a few others) and paralyze a game for many players. So it's now one mans game or one group of friends game. It's totally unbalanced - pay to win game for a few choosen ones. 

In the past, there were few ways how to hide and play at a lower level of power. Please give us at least the chance to these different strategies, this was always biggest magic of this game!  We want to play like in the past, hide a bit from all day/night attacks from overpowered players, and come back a bit stronger for a fight.

I would be nice if the clicks in the Achievement table on the player would only lead to player detail (Achievements), but not to the full player profile. Or at least delete the Attack button. The same can be done in the Alliance table... It's about an achievements information, not about: "Hello, uranium trolls, hit me whenever you want, all day and night long, and force me to leave game".

I know it is a war game, but thats not the point. Being attackable from leagues tables is fine, got opponents of +- same aliance size in Battle list, it's normal. But why attacks from the statistics tables? That does not make sense, these are for information about players progress.

Give us a chance to play the game with magic of the past, where were some strategies. At the end, if we play long, we will be in conflict with TOP players as well. But why do we have to be their prey, on level where we are 3-4x smaller.

Some of my friends stopped playing for this issue. They did even bought Uranium, but they regret it.  Sad Please make these little changes, and make this game for all, not only for few... Thanks!
Thanks for the feedback. Smile The achievement points should correlate to the player's strength so the weak players shouldn't appear there. But we will discuss if we might change something in that regard.

I agree with your opinion about I'm not interested in the "attack" button on the lists of achievements and the size of the alliances. Some friends removed allies, to break out of many attacks, and the list of conquests brought about the same problem.

I thank you for your attention.