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Full Version: Attributes change - Must have function!
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Hello dear developers,

this is my last thread "How to make game better"   Wink

I have idea about attributes. We all know that game have many updates, and conditions in game have changed.
It would be nice to have chance to change attributes points, so it will suit better new game (after the updates).
Now we have to play with what we have, and many players have invested their points incorrectly.

Let us change 50 attributes points for 30 Uranium. It will help us to better game and have more strategies in game. And you will get some new payments.
It is a good deal!

It could work like this:
1/ Put + - buttons in attributes table... "Minus button" will be disabled until we activate function for Uranium.
2/ We will use "minus buttons" to lower our current attributes (gather up to 50 points).   
3/ When are done there will hit button "Change" or "Convert" or whatever, you name it.
4/ We use "plus buttons" to get attributes we want. If we don't use all, it will stay for later use.

Thats all  Angel

Good day!
We had a similar idea some time ago. I can't promise anything but we might consider such a feature for the future. Smile