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Full Version: Balanced game = Uranium limit spend
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Dear developers,

many good successfull games, that have +50 000 active players have balanced game system, where paying players have some advantages, but no one can abuse game with "pay to win" (like Ullite clan and few others in this game). These games are more effective on earnings, because more players are wiling to pay.

In these game systems, there are limits on what you can do for money... In WarGame, there should be limit on Tactics, Lottery and Oil.

Lets say someone will spend 50-100 uranium in one day (0-24) on refilling Tactics, and this will be the acceptable limit in this game. After this can be two scenarios:
1/ no more refilling of tactics (better way - more balanced)
2/ another refilling of each tactics will cost you +5 Uranium ( +5, +10, +15, +20, +25...), so if someone wants to "pay to win", let him realy "pay to win".  Wink

Like this no one will do 10000 attacks a day... And it won't be one man's game, or at least it won't be so easy for these few abusing dudes, that are killing this game and its true potencial. Please, think about it.

Have a nice day
Hello Evil Grog

I do not agree with this idea of ​​UnitorDhakra,
If players are willing to "pay to win," they should rather have more benefits than those who are not paying anything. Instead of making players pay more for reloading tactics,
should consider the possibility of greatly lowering the price of uranium,
or make more promotions, so that more players have a chance to "pay to win".

(Example: that promotion that made a discount of 400%, should do it again and with a certain frequency.)

It would be a great opportunity for those players who are always complaining about everything.

Thank you for your attention, Have a nice day !!
What bug are your refering to?
(01-16-2019, 01:49 PM)Santorayo Wrote: [ -> ]Qual bug você está referindo?

Nao era um bug, era uma sugestão. O jogador UnitorDhakra deu uma má sugestão, que eu nao concordo. E até penso que vocês do suporte nao concordaram tambem ;-) É uma questao de lógica: quem paga sempre tem maiores beneficios no jogo do que quem nao paga.