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Full Version: daily harassment in duels list for 0 dollars
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Good evening Evil Grog   Smile

I would like to understand the strategy of having a player with 16 levels of difference, that could benefit with your system to procure daily satisfaction for attacking 20x 0= 0 DOLLARS.
And it's been for months without having the possiblity to get him in order, if one adult has the opportunity to behave as a little boy is that the duels list is  adapted to  his irrational pleasure. 

So the question is again,  will you try to improve the duels list in order to avoid some abuse.

We will try to improve the duel list but it's impossible to do so to satisfy every player. Smaller brackets would mean more bots which is also not desirable for everyone. We actually got feedback from some players to even widen the ranges more to allow for more player targets.

It's an ongoing process and we hope to achieve the best possible experience for every player so your feedback is very welcome. Smile