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  Cain Figurine Bug
Posted by: Aviendha - 03-05-2019, 08:42 PM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - Replies (2)

I just wanted to see if anyone could confirm if this artefact is actually working properly as I have yet to ever receive a double blood gain from mission.  (And I've done quite a few missions since receiving the item).

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Rainbow [PvP] Seasons are coming!
Posted by: Santorayo - 03-04-2019, 11:58 AM - Forum: Community - No Replies

Greetings fellow Elemancers!

We have some great news to share with you. Maybe you have already noticed the Arena Book that came with the new update. Finally you can actually see what rewards you will get prior to playing a PvP match.  Big Grin

[Image: attachment.php?aid=136]

But that's not at all... maybe you have wondered what the green and red arrows at the end of a PvP match mean. They represent the rating you have earned or lost towards the current season. A season lasts exactly one month and will reward you with additional gold and Prismite at the end corresponding to your Rank. (Don't worry: once you have earned a Rank you cannot drop below it again.) When a new season begins, the rating you will start from, depends on how much rating you had in the last season.
And the best thing: the first season has already started at the first of this month!  Cool 

With the next update (coming soon) we will add the Season Book as a secondary tab to the new Arena Book. There you can find not only your current rating but also what rewards you will get at the end of the season and on which rank you currently are.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=135]

When you tap on your current Rank you will see the rewards you will earn at the end of the season. When you tap on the next reward you'll see the rewards if you reach that Rank within the season.

We hope to see you soon in the Arena. Keep an eye out for the Arena Times where you get an additional 50% rewards!

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  Muro de dragon
Posted by: Gabinaca - 03-01-2019, 09:57 AM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Como se puede conseguir el Muro de Dragón y el Aullido de Orsos? Tengo todos los mapas completados y no me sale nada cuando veo jugadores que ya disponen de hasta 30 muros

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  High Score chart - determining bug
Posted by: NEXINS - 02-28-2019, 04:05 PM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - No Replies


many players would like to know how is determined what High score chart you will be sent. I understand there must be some conderation of several last HS results but how many and it is calculated? I don't think I should be a confidental information.

I'm getting a litte bit crazy of it. For last 4 weeks I'm in 2nd HS and I usually take 2.-4. position with sufficient result to be in the middle of 1st HS. But I'm still in 2nd HS as well as many others players who reach better result than me. On the other hand there are players HS with repeating negative result who still stay in 1st HS or in 2nd HS.

I watch this issue for a long time. High Score Charts seem to be extremely frozen under strange determinig algorithm. It can't be possilbe to keep players (who have negative results since Xmas) still in 1st HS. For example: last HS there were a player Platoon Tigre with +1,5 billion and he won 2nd HS. He would have won the 1st HS also if he was in. But he is still in the 2nd and such cases happens regularly and repeatedly.

This bug IMHO causes uncertainty of players to spend uranium. It's definetely my case. I have still much uranium to spend but I don't do that becauce I don't know if it helps me to get to higher HS or not. Now I see that result of 1,5 billions or long term 500-700 mld. are not enough but repeatedly negative results are sufficient.


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  Fallo de conexión
Posted by: Diana - 02-24-2019, 01:36 PM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - Replies (5)

Buenas tardes, ¿Cuáles serían los datos que sucedió con el juego de caballeros? Ya que como una hora no deja entrar.

Gracias por su atención

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  [Star Games] New special servers
Posted by: Santorayo - 02-20-2019, 12:44 PM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies

Hello everyone,

we've tested the new server architecture already with Prehistoric and Mafia Game and started rolling out the lobby feature to all other Star Games as well.

We wanted to share our plan with the new servers in the other games and give you some details on what to expect there:

Steampunk Game (26. 2.)
The second Steampunk Game server will launch next Tuesday. We'll reduce the price for collective members from 20 to 10 to make progression a little easier. Additionally we'll increase the daily login rewards by 50%.

Vampires Game (28. 2.)
The new server for Vampires Game will see a rebalancing of the attribute points for attack and defense. These had very little effect so far and we will increase their impact on the actual combat result significantly, so they are more on par with the other attributes.

Knight Game (6.3.)
The new Knight Game server is more PvE and singleplayer focused. We'll reduce the cooldown for fortitude regeneration from 5 to 3 minutes but increase the cooldown for mettle to 3 minutes (up from 2). We will also introduce a premium attack protection that will prevent other players from attacking you for some time.

War Game (12.3.)
Last but not least the war in War Game will become real with some limitations on the depot and better loot. If you deposit cash, this won't happen instantly anymore but other players will still be able to steal it for the next 10 minutes. We've also increased the amount of cash stolen in PvP battles from 8% to 10%.

There won't be any changes to the old servers with these updates.

So those are the first special servers we will launch, if you have ideas and suggestions for future servers please let us know and post in the comments below! Smile

How does the Lobby work?
When you login to any of the games you won't notice any difference at first. When you navigate to the "Lobby" through the "More" menu you will find a selection of all current servers. There you can decide to start on a new server or switch the server if you already have an account. Your progress on the old server won't be lost, you can play on all servers simultaneously.

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Posted by: PoLLuX - 02-20-2019, 11:58 AM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - Replies (3)


Did this is a bug? 

I was attacked by a "kpuk!" player. It is written that he stole 0 thalers and reduced morale. In this case, the money I had was not in the bank, and their number did not decrease. Since the screenshot, this situation has been repeated twice.

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  cannot enter the game
Posted by: PoLLuX - 02-14-2019, 10:14 AM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Hello! Have a good time. Start to play SteamPunk game. Рlayed a few days under the nickname AlHenA. And yesterday, during the game, the connection was lost and I still cannot enter the game, write "try again later". I enter the war game without any problems. A friend calmly plays SteamPunk, but I can't enter. I restarted the game and the phone, cleaned the game data - it did not help. How to be?

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  Stop promoting Bullying and Racketing through the game rules
Posted by: fyre - 02-06-2019, 11:29 AM - Forum: Community - No Replies

Currently strong players can attack low level players and once you have an extremely big clan size (>1000 members), most game players can not compete.

Several big players simply attack the other player and they do not need to worry about retaliation.

So in some respect, the game is promoting bullying and racketing.  Some of these bigger players will say that if you are not part of their clan, they can attack you so they will simply stay big (which is similar to racketing).  Promoting such behavior may have an impact on real life behavior as players would learn that these behaviors are ok and that they do work and they would be practicing them in the game.  There may be a negative social impact due to the game.

There are also a lot of players that look like fake accounts: they only have a few members and do not level up for ages.  Several players suspect the players with a big clan to create accounts simply for the benefit of having a big clan.
Maybe these accounts could be detected in the game : accounts that do not grow, that do not benefit from a login, etc. could be archived and no longer count as a clan member.  If the account becomes active again, it could simply be activated and be used again as a clan member.
Maybe any account that is inactive for 1 or two weeks could be counted as "inactive" and not count towards a clan member.

In real life, a clan member that does not show up at the fights can not help to win a fight either.

So some suggested actions:
- Add a stronger limit to the useful clan size.  Currently it is the player level x 5 .   A more reasonable limit seems to be ( player level x 2.5).  Players close to level 220 where it is already long to level up will be able to fight each other.  I am not sur that this limitation announced it the rules is actually functionnal.
- Limit fights to fights between players of reasonable difference.  Currently the War Path seems to accept a level difference of 50, but the level difference is not what is most important - the clan size is important.  Using experience as a criterium rather than level also seems a better condition.
Players should be able to fight lower level players only when the clan size is at most 50 lower and the experience points are at most 20% or 30% lower, or when the player was recently attacked by the lower level player (less than a week ago or still on the recent attacks list).

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  Cheater reset their application data - do something about it
Posted by: fyre - 02-06-2019, 10:56 AM - Forum: Community - Replies (4)


In order to get more teeth from the bots, cheaters regularly reset their application data which has for effect to have a War Path with bots that are loaded with teeth and also a new random price matrix.

Something should be done about it.
- Reset all the bots to 0 teeth when the app is reset;
- Reset the random price list to an not so interesting scheme;
- Or, make sure that the original values are restored.

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