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  [NEW TECH] Multiple Servers incoming!
Posted by: DevLaTron - 01-16-2019, 10:16 AM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies


 as some of you have already noticed, Prehistoric Game, as the first of the Star Games, has received a stealth update that allows you to play on a second server.  With the release of Version 3.0 of the Backend, we have paved the way for a lot more flexibility within the games. This is currently in open testing. You need the most current App- Version (3.0.0+) to use this feature.

 As of now, you can use the "Lobby" Entry in the Menu of Prehistoric Game to start a new adventure on the Server "Uncharted Caves". This option will allow you to switch between the servers. This means you will keep your old account on the first server.

 Initially, we want users to be able to get a fresh start. Also, future changes to the games may be rolled out only to specific servers, due to technical or game design reasons. Finally, this opens up the possibility for different server settings and also event servers with only a limited life time.

 Please note that premium purchased is locked to the server it is bought on and not transferable to another server.

We have already received some very good feedback on this, and want to answer some common questions:

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Future game updates and features may change how the game works. As such, we don't want to disrupt the existing players progress, but give them the option to play on a new server. We are also experimenting with different speed/server settings, and some features that reduce cheating. This new feature will also allow us to open up "Test Servers" where you can preview new features before they are released to the game and give us feedback before these features go live.

Q: Will I lose my account?
A: No, you can use both servers at the same time without losing your account.

Q: Will there be servers with different settings?
A: Yes. The Settings are still being discussed, but there will be different types of servers once we complete testing.

Q: Why is the server the same as the old one?
A: First of all, we want to test the tech we built and focus on the actual feature. Changing the new server settings would introduce more situations that could affect this test.

Q: Will the old server be shut down?
A: There are no plans for shutting down servers with this tech.

Q: The Link in the menu doesn't work for me!
A1: Please make sure you are using the current App version (3.0.0) from the Play Store or iTunes. If you are using a different source (3rd party) to get the App, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL AND ONLY USE TRUSTED SOURCES!
A2: Please try clearing the App cache.

Q: Will this feature come to other Star Games?
A: Yes. We do not have a specific timeline for this, but the feature will be rolled out to all games once all the bugs are fixed.

Q: The App will always revert back to the first server when closed, I want it to stay on the new server per default.
A: There is a planned option to make this selectable in the future. Currently, as we are extending our tests, this is intentional.

For now, enjoy the new 'Uncharted Caves' Server!

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  Achievement bug
Posted by: Cinek - 01-05-2019, 09:57 PM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - Replies (6)

Since you introduced the last update with achievements I won the league only 2 times, but on the achievement list I have 2 lv of the achievement "There can be only one" (3 wins). 

Can you repair it and decrease the number of leagues won from 3 to 2?

Due to this bug I have 50 points from this achievement and I am on the TOP 50 list. I have only 158lv and I am being attacked by players 190-240lv.


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Posted by: Змей - 12-30-2018, 08:53 AM - Forum: Questions & Guides - No Replies

Was soll man denn tuen um vom Support eine Antwort zu bekommen???‍♂️

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  Support cant transfer my game play using google
Posted by: Hein - 12-29-2018, 11:34 AM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - No Replies


I have a samsung s7 where i play mafia game. I have tapped the store to google button. I recently got a new note 9. I installed mafia game on there. The game leaves me now choice but to go through the initial game play setup and then i have to specify a character name. After that i go to options to restore the game play i had on my s7 but instead of restoring it simply saves the new character to google. My old game play is still on my s7 how do i restore my game play from the google on the s7 to the google on the note 9 in the game options using as the account to backup game play on the s7

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Thumbs Down NOT FAIR GAME - Reindeer hunt
Posted by: UnitorDhakra - 12-28-2018, 10:48 AM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - No Replies

Did you all noticed that some players - mostly German - have more reindeers in BattleList than others?
I see barely one reindeer after I hit about 50-100 bots. I was playing continuously (hit, hit, hit, hit, reload morale, hit, hit, hit...)
And I noticed, that in same gameplay time other players in top looted over 50-100 billion (that is 3x more like me), I looted some 25 billion and I'm about same level...
Sorry, but that this is not a fair game at all. 
And it is so visible that German cheaters (especially kopps group) are under some protection in game...

Thumbs down for this. And most probably no more money from me ...

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  Looking back at 2018 – Rise of the Grog
Posted by: Santorayo - 12-21-2018, 10:48 AM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (5)

It's this time of year again where people reflect on the past and wonder about the future. We invite you to stay a while and listen to tales from 2018 and a short glimpse of things to come in the year thereafter.

Our company – privately founded in 2017 – had its first full year of development, releases and a growing community (Which is you, guys!). And what a year it has been and what a humbling experience it was!

After a successful re-launch of the first licensed title War Game last year we felt obliged to bring back all the other classic Star Games as well: Knight Game, Vampires Games, Mafia Game, Steampunk and Prehistoric Game. But that surely wasn't enough: We got a lot of great feedback from you – our players – and we tried to incorporate as much of it as possible. What followed was a bunch of updates including new features like the achievements, ignore lists and improvements to existing parts of the game. We also addressed the issue of player resource trading (pushing). Though still not perfect, we measured very promising results and will continue to improve on it with your help. Last but not least we started our first season event...poor old Rudolph, how did he manage to get into all this fighting?!

Our second big release of the year was the strategy MMO Grimfall. With more than 225.000 battles fought our medieval “siege-simulator” pitted the mightiest Alliances against each other. To cope with all that fighting we vastly improved the message system and added country flags to find new allies more easily. Another update is just around the corner introducing a great quality-of-life feature: bookmarks for villages, fortresses and players, for you and for you alliance.

For something completely different: Idle Car Empire settled to be a much more peaceful experience. Our first business sim welcomes you to build the car of your dreams and then sell it off to the world. With numerous updates introducing the Paddocks, the Custom Part Development Center, Halloween and Holiday Events there's always something new to improve on in your company.

Oh – and we learned that Crystal Runner is hard. Like, really, really HARD! To this day we haven't heard of anyone able to complete the game outside our company. So it might not have been the most achievable goal for a contest – that's why we started another one praising your creativity in creating the coolest clan code shares... and you delivered!

With 2018 coming to an end it's also time to plan for the future. And there's a lot to look forward to! We won't spoil all the plans for the year but we wanted to give you a little glimpse at things to come.

One big new update is not so secret anymore: Knight Game is getting a new island with three new zones and lots of new items and vassals. All that brand new content will be available for the first time. And we heard you asking for a way to sell multiple items at once in Mafia, Vampires and Prehistoric Game... it's coming!

We also teased two new games coming 2019: Elemancer and Cold Space.

Elemancer will be a card game with online multiplayer and a grand campaign. More information and a proper announcement will follow soon!
Cold Space on the other hand is a classic space shoot'em up with tasty 3D graphics and tons of enemies and upgradeable weapons to collect.

Both games are planned to release in the first quarter of next year.

All in all we have the feeling we made a lot of progress this year and we are really looking forward to you playing our games – old and new alike – in 2019! 

Thank you for your ongoing support, we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm.

Tim – Creative Director – Evil Grog Games

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  Farming ripetuto.
Posted by: Me stesso - 12-08-2018, 05:10 PM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - Replies (5)

Salve, nonostante le molte segnalazioni fatte via email al supporto e dal gioco, il giocatore ♡Heloisa♡ bandiera Brasile codice 129.637.894 alleanza 1196 livello 163  continua in modo ripetuto a fare farming!!!. Ha terminato la classifica precedente a 800 miliardi senza usare uranio. Allego screen dell'attuale classifica.

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  Blood loss when get attacked
Posted by: Fly - 12-02-2018, 02:39 PM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - No Replies


I noticed when I've blood out and get attacked, the enemy gets round about 7 million a bite but I am loosing round about 800 million a bite (my loss depends on how much blood I've out). Is my blood going to neverland ? or is it on purpose?

Anybody else has noticed it? 
Greetings Fly

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Question Ajuda urgente
Posted by: Wanderson Silva - 11-26-2018, 03:12 AM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - Replies (1)

    Por favor ajudem me, não sei como resolver Confused
Apareceu uma mensagem que dizia uma a suspeita de sabotagem.
Depois para me identificar
E um desafio recaptha mas dizia que precisava de upgrade no navegador, não sei como fazer isso.

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Posted by: Juanico - 11-22-2018, 07:37 PM - Forum: Support & Bug Reports - Replies (3)

El código de alianza Paco 856.355.650 y el código de alianza * ñ * familia * ñ 609.405.856 son de la misma persona y se transfieren de una cuenta, cómo se responde en las capturas, este jugador es un infractor reincidente , anteriormente expulsado con una cuenta con el mismo nombre. La espera de la justicia en el juego para todos los jugadores debe ser expulsada nuevamente.Se me vais a decir lo mande al soporte, cosa que ya he hecho, este mensaje es para que quede constancia de ello

El código de alianza Paco ñ 856.355.650 y el código de alianza * ñ * family * ñ 609.405.856 son de la misma persona y se transfieren de una cuenta a otra, cómo se refleja en las capturas, este jugador es un infractor reincidente, anteriormente Expulsado con una cuenta con el mismo nombre. La espera de justicia en el juego para todos los jugadores debe ser expulsada nuevamente

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