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Swipe right block number! - doctorpeer - 07-04-2017

When swiping right to select number of army to move, hand covers number, which is also on right.  Move to left side instead?

RE: Swipe right block number! - Wraith02 - 07-04-2017

I noticed this as well.
Though I found you don't have to keep your finger exactly on the bar for it to work, so I tend to drag my finger up (or down) until I can see the count, then select the amount.
finding the exact amount can be tricky at times though.

RE: Swipe right block number! - DevLaTron - 07-04-2017

Hello everyone,

we've moved the number counter for the upcoming version 1.25, which is in testing for release.

Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated!