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Achievement bug - Cinek - 01-05-2019

Since you introduced the last update with achievements I won the league only 2 times, but on the achievement list I have 2 lv of the achievement "There can be only one" (3 wins). 

Can you repair it and decrease the number of leagues won from 3 to 2?

Due to this bug I have 50 points from this achievement and I am on the TOP 50 list. I have only 158lv and I am being attacked by players 190-240lv.


RE: Achievement bug - Santorayo - 01-05-2019

Thanks for the notice. We will look into it next week. Smile

RE: Achievement bug - Cinek - 01-14-2019

So, is there any chance to fix it?

RE: Achievement bug - Santorayo - 01-14-2019

Yes, I've forwarded the issue to the development team. Smile