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What we want to say is... - Dark Avenger - 01-26-2019

Hello, during one of the discussions during the chat game we came to the conclusion that a serious problem in the Prehistoric Game is too few players to be able to fully use the potential of the game and build a powerful clan. For comparison, the Vampire Game allows you to build such a large clan that you can calmly focus on gaining experience and achieving next levels. This also affects our game satisfaction because we focus only on PvE (fighting with bots) and we gave up PvP because every clan member is valuable. In short, it starts to get boring. One solution could be to reduce the price of a virtual clan member from 20 premium units (far too expensive) to 1 premium unit. We are also waiting for the initiative from the creators.

RE: What we want to say is... - Broknwing - 01-26-2019

I agree

RE: What we want to say is... - Santorayo - 01-27-2019

Thanks for the feedback. We will discuss the issue in the team. Smile

RE: What we want to say is... - fyre - 02-06-2019

I created two other threads with suggestions. Check them out.