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cannot enter the game - PoLLuX - 02-14-2019

Hello! Have a good time. Start to play SteamPunk game. –†layed a few days under the nickname AlHenA. And yesterday, during the game, the connection was lost and I still cannot enter the game, write "try again later". I enter the war game without any problems. A friend calmly plays SteamPunk, but I can't enter. I restarted the game and the phone, cleaned the game data - it did not help. How to be?

RE: cannot enter the game - Santorayo - 02-14-2019

Please check if there is an app update available. If that doesn't help please contact our support at support@evilgrog.com Smile

RE: cannot enter the game - PoLLuX - 02-18-2019

Thank you very much!!! All work!
Have a good time! $)