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Bug? - PoLLuX - 02-20-2019


Did this is a bug? 

I was attacked by a "kpuk!" player. It is written that he stole 0 thalers and reduced morale. In this case, the money I had was not in the bank, and their number did not decrease. Since the screenshot, this situation has been repeated twice.

RE: Bug? - Santorayo - 02-20-2019

Thanks for the notice that indeed does look strange. I've forwarded the issue to the developers. Smile

RE: Bug? - PoLLuX - 02-21-2019



This time is different. the moral has decreased, the money has been stolen (I was not in the game for 7 hours - this is about 350kk thalers - I have less for the morning), but stubbornly writes - 0 thalers were stolen.

Smile Smile Smile

RE: Bug? - Dinosaur - 02-25-2019

After I've read this post i put some Thaler out and didn't lost them after an attack. It was the first attack of that player.
I have zero income and couldn't notice this issue before.

And then I hope it works against farming accounts Smile