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[PvP] Seasons are coming! - Santorayo - 03-04-2019

Greetings fellow Elemancers!

We have some great news to share with you. Maybe you have already noticed the Arena Book that came with the new update. Finally you can actually see what rewards you will get prior to playing a PvP match.  Big Grin

[Image: attachment.php?aid=136]

But that's not at all... maybe you have wondered what the green and red arrows at the end of a PvP match mean. They represent the rating you have earned or lost towards the current season. A season lasts exactly one month and will reward you with additional gold and Prismite at the end corresponding to your Rank. (Don't worry: once you have earned a Rank you cannot drop below it again.) When a new season begins, the rating you will start from, depends on how much rating you had in the last season.
And the best thing: the first season has already started at the first of this month!  Cool 

With the next update (coming soon) we will add the Season Book as a secondary tab to the new Arena Book. There you can find not only your current rating but also what rewards you will get at the end of the season and on which rank you currently are.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=135]

When you tap on your current Rank you will see the rewards you will earn at the end of the season. When you tap on the next reward you'll see the rewards if you reach that Rank within the season.

We hope to see you soon in the Arena. Keep an eye out for the Arena Times where you get an additional 50% rewards!

RE: [PvP] Seasons are coming! - GrumpyØldMan - 05-07-2019

There is no incentive for me as a noob to participate in pvp. 
I am matched against players 53 levels above me and loose every time with no reward. 
What about some gold or prism for participating in 5 matches a day?

RE: [PvP] Seasons are coming! - SadMonk - 05-08-2019

Hi, thanks for your feedback!
We are aware of this problem and we're looking into some alternatives.
As a first step, we're going to further optimize our level matching mechanics to create fairer matches.
Stay tuned for more Smile

RE: [PvP] Seasons are coming! - GrumpyØldMan - 05-08-2019

Thanks for that.
What about instead of widening the search, offer to apply the in-game AI to the off-line deck that best matches. That will greatly increase the number of duals. I am lucky if I find one match in half an hour of searching.

RE: [PvP] Seasons are coming! - SadMonk - 05-09-2019

This is also something that we're considering, yup.