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Filters for list of alliance members? - NEXINS - 04-11-2019

Hello, Cool

It would be good if there was a possibility to use some filters (rank function) in a list of alliance members. I would like to simple filter (or rank) members in my alliance by level, alliance size and flag.

Rank for example: from the highest rank to the lowest, from the biggest alliance to the smallest.

For better understanding of this strange request I will give you my practical example. I want to have all possible players in my battle list but it’s time consuming to go through 40 sheets of alliance to find everyone over 260 every 1-2 weeks. If I could rank players from the highest level I would simply remove them.

Thanks for considering.

RE: Filters for list of alliance members? - Santorayo - 04-11-2019

Thanks for the feedback. We will consider it for one of the future updates. Smile

RE: Filters for list of alliance members? - UnitorDhakra - 04-16-2019

Only one person need this anyway, there is no problem with finding certain players in aliance. You do it once and your done. No need of special filters that will in final slow down server. Time consuming? That is joke? ? You play game man, so you must spend some time in it, like we others do. Don't waste developers time... There are better things for updates then this one.