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Suggestion - GrumpyØldMan - 05-07-2019

Hi, thanks for the good game. 
Any chance of adding the team power and health to the selection screen?

RE: Suggestion - SadMonk - 05-08-2019

Thanks, we're glad you like it Wink
So, you mean: Sum up the power and health of all cards in one deck and show this in the deck selection?
Would this have a real benefit? As for most cards, their effects might probably be more important.
We're going to have a look at this.

RE: Suggestion - GrumpyØldMan - 05-08-2019

Hi Monk,
Yes, there are four elemental classes to choose from, leading to endless opportunities to mix and match. One can make up a deck consisting of only one element, or mix different elemental cards together. One can opt for attack heavy or defence based deck, generally the stronger cards require more mana to play and there are also less cards of that type available to add to the deck. A deck made up of 3-4 mana cards will be strongef than a deck made up of 1-2 mana cards, but it will take more than 10 rounds to play them all. Offcourse tbe abilities of some cards also play a role, some attack early, or become stronger as they take or give damage, or heal themselves and other cards and will not be reflected in the basic scores. Some sort of indication of the relative strength of a deck, compared to another will be very helpfull.

RE: Suggestion - SadMonk - 05-09-2019

We'll see what we can do there Smile