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Game mechanics - GrumpyØldMan - 05-11-2019

Good game with lots to be positive about, I especially like it that there is no energy/crystal required to play. 

I have however ground to a halt and cannot play any longer, my cards are to weak for 1* new levels and the rewards from previously conqured levels are so low it is not worth the effort to play them again. I now need to farm coins and dig holes in the dirt to progress, that is very boring. I hoped this to be a card collecting game iso of a time management game.

RE: Game mechanics - DevLaTron - 05-17-2019


thanks for your feedback. We'll be looking at it very closely. Can you provide us with your account name (via PM or support@evilgrog.com) so we can take a closer look?

We're happy that you like the game so far.