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Insults and difamation - SAL - 07-06-2019

hello eg team. i have a question. this subject Masur turns out to be your good customer. it's been insulting me in my wall for days (see attached shots). Can you do something about the crime or should I contact the German authorities? I know this subject insults other players in your stargames but it seems that you tolerate this. I remind you that I also buy rubies in kg like many players too! if peoples continue to insult in these games, they are not fun. but its only black holes without civilization rules. i also remind you that there are European laws that are against these types of crimes, defamation and insults are not allowed. Let me know as soon as possible, please. Copy of what I write to you will also be sent to my lawyers for information. Have a nice time. Regards. Sal

RE: Insults and difamation - DevLaTron - 07-09-2019


we investigate reported insults as we get them. By company policy and data protection laws, we neither discuss nor publicly announce any actions taken against reported people or accounts, and any such decisions made.

If you report a player, it's good practice to also use the ignore function in game to ignore the offending player.