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Defensive strengt of bots - NEXINS - 08-01-2019


Idea Idea Idea

I'd like to open discussion about strength of bots in Fantasy Game. There are no defensive buildings and all defence copied by bots is solved by items or party members. Difference between attack and defensive points is generally 70% - 140% and on average 92%. So whatever player do with army, he has still about 92% defence of own total attack. It's a problem when beating bots. Bots take over player’s defence and they randomly change up to 125% of player's attack.

Therefore I have been following 20% of losses with bots for a long time. If I use 170 hatred, my count of success attacks on bots is only 140 though I have 10% higher attack then defence.

You should prevent bots to have stronger defence than players have their attack. Especially in situation when player can't influence his defence. (D/A ratio is fixed to 90%)

Best regards