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Game lags!!! - UnitorDhakra - 09-08-2019

after last update 4.1.0 I experience big game lags on server 2. I must wait in duels few seconds until I can attack again. I got loader all the time so I can't fight. Before it was fast, without lags. There are lags also in other sections of game. Please correct it.


RE: Game lags!!! - DevLaTron - 09-08-2019

Thank you for reporting this. We're already on it.

RE: Game lags!!! - DevLaTron - 09-08-2019

We've identified and fixed the issue.

The update caused some illegal bots to spam (DoS) the server with broken requests. As they were programmed by "not very skilled" people they endlessly tried again and again causing a Denial of Service attack.

We perma- banned the accounts in question.

Gameplay should be back to normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

RE: Game lags!!! - UnitorDhakra - 09-08-2019

Now it all works well. Thank you!!!  Wink