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Recuperar cuenta - SádicoAsesino - 11-19-2019

Hola, quiero recuperar mi antigua cuenta. Pero no está guardada en la nube. Que puedo hacer

RE: Recuperar cuenta - DevLaTron - 11-21-2019


if your cloud feature does not work for some reason, you can contact support@evilgrog.com for more information about account transfers. Please note that you need to fulfill a set of requirements to make the transfer.

- You need an active account with your phone operating system provider. (Google Play or iOS). We don't transfer accounts to other providers.
- You need to create a new account on the new phone, played and leveled to at least level 13.
- You must provide us with the userID, serverID and installID of the old AND new accounts. (Found in the settings).
- If you have ever purchased premium on the account, we REQUIRE a receipt of one payment by the Store you used to make the transaction. This must include all information so that we can verify your account ownership.

All of the above information must be sent in ONE Email.

We will then switch your accounts.