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unsuitable lottery , turf war , bots without points - GrogObserver - 09-26-2020


without any official communication  about your commercial society, we wonder if you could improve the "gambling table " or  Lottery that you propose from time to time :

" THE SPECIAL ARTEFACTS ARE MOST OF TIME NEVER PROPOSE IN THE LOTTERY " I mean , you could have been playing for 2 years without getting the special artefact that make the difference between players.

the percentage is very high of getting,  little " ammo " or little  "energy " or little " dollars " cause you set them several times in the table.

we  SUGGEST you to update the gambling table .

* Moreover by testing the Turf war , players could waste 500 points of energy without getting a won duels, seems that it's based on a unrational results?  it's a waste of energy for nothing.

* At last , the values of the bots are quitely equal to ZERO, so what's the use of playing the game?

TO CONCLUDE, a game needs to be  playable, and without interesting aspect of the values , players won't stay there ! ( except for the players that like to attack true players for 10x 0 without rewards and that you enable to realize it )