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[Bug] Energy saving mode - Leuchtturm - 07-20-2017

Is it possible that the "Energy saving" Option does the opposite since some newer version?

The movings clouds used to be disabled when energy saving was on, now it enables them!

RE: [Bug] Energy saving mode - DevLaTron - 07-20-2017

Hm, works for me on the current version. (1.34).

Can you reproduce it with the sound setting or is it only the Save battery setting?

RE: [Bug] Energy saving mode - Leuchtturm - 07-20-2017

Also 1.34 here. Sound works as intended for me!

So i played a bit around and can reproduce it  every time.

It seems the App always starts with clouds on.
So if i close the app with energy saving enabled it will restart with disabled but the switch is still on enabled.
Changing it to disabled it will enable the energy saving mode.

RE: [Bug] Energy saving mode - MSC - 07-21-2017

Thanks a lot. Now we should be able to find and purge this. :-)