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[Bug] Strategic Supremacy - Leuchtturm - 07-21-2017

I've got Strategic Supremacy at level 2, it shortens the time you have to wait for money and cp.
Since that i've noticed that i get my CP every 18 minutes (as intended) but for the money i have to wait one minute longer.
This is not adding up, its always exactly one minute after the CP!

RE: [Bug] Strategic Supremacy - MSC - 07-21-2017

I will look into this.

RE: [Bug] Strategic Supremacy - MSC - 07-21-2017

Do i see it correctly, that you get both cp and money after 18min and there is no problem with the skill itself?

CP and Money are given by two seperate events, that should happen directly one after the other, but they maybe got out of sync.

RE: [Bug] Strategic Supremacy - Leuchtturm - 07-21-2017

The money comes exactly after 19 minutes, one minute after the cp.