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Superpowers! - doctorpeer - 07-21-2017

So today i ran up against a particularly determined enemy, a neighbor who stopped liking me because i conquered far away africa.  Turkiye attacked iraq 11 times in under 20 minutes (33 cp minimum), how do they get so many with just one country owned?  Cant possibly have enojgh cash to buy a 110k army AND 33 cp like that.

Also a question, if turkiye takes iraq from me, then i take turkiye, do i get iraq or is iraq free iraq again?

RE: Superpowers! - Leuchtturm - 07-22-2017

I think the other contries do not get their CP and money like we do. They are also not building anything.
Would be very easy for us after conquering our first countries if they got the basic income for one country!

I was not attacked before 11 times in a row but it think they fight until they loose equal or more units in an attack than you.

To answer your question, you get it back, you will need the normal 2-3 attacks but this time you will not get the strategic ressource of this country again.
The country will also still have all buildings you had there