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Big update coming soon! - Santorayo - 08-02-2017

As you might have noticed there haven't been many updates in the last days. The reason is that we are working on something BIG.  Cool

The next update will introduce scenarios and a completely new highscore system.

The first scenario that will be introduced is the "Hard Mode". If you are looking for an extra challenge that's where you want to go. So how do scenarios work?

First you unlock any new scenario in the shop (Hard-Mode will only be 500 Gold) then you can select it when you start a new campaign. Scenarios are permanent items so once you have unlocked one you get to keep it indefinetly.

As the difficulty and rules might differ greatly from the standard game mode, scenarios will come with their very own highscores. That's one of the reasons we have decided to create our own more powerful highscore system and stop using the Google Play Leaderboards.

With this change you don't have to login to your google play account or change any privacy settings. Furthermore this will help us to bring the game to iOS in the future.

Unfortunately we can't transfer the existing scores to our new system as we don't have the neccessary access to the Google databases. We are still trying to figure out a way to transfer those but we can't promise anything for the time being. We ask your for your understanding if any scores get lost in advance. Confused 

And we hope you enjoy the new updates (there are a lot of other smaller improvements to look forward to) and future scenarios for the game!  Smile

RE: Big update coming soon! - Santorayo - 08-09-2017

The update is released to the Play Store and will be available within the next few hours.  Cool

Introducing scenarios with the "Hard Mode" scenario.
-Completely reworked highscore system
-Swiping through idle countries
-Small changes and bug fixes
-Balancing changes